About SharkHack

Simmons SharkHack will be returning for its second year this fall, September 30-October 1.

Because Simmons College is a women-centered college, our hackathon focuses on providing college women and recent graduates with the opportunity to join forces and develop new mobile apps, games, hardware hacks, and more.


I’m not a woman — can I attend this event?

The goal of this hackathon is to create a safe space for individuals who identify as female or nonbinary, or were assigned female at birth, since these people are frequently underrepresented in computer science. With that in mind, feel free to register regardless of your gender.

Is this hackathon beginner friendly?

Yes! Although there may be teams who want to work on more advanced projects, we’ll make sure you end up on a team that’s well-suited to your level of technical expertise. Part of what makes hackathons so fun is the opportunity to learn!

Will there be prizes?

Absolutely! We anticipate having several prize categories. Check back closer to September for more specifics!

Will I be reimbursed for travel fees?

Since Simmons is conveniently located off of both D and E lines on the MBTA Green Line, we do not anticipate providing travel support for individuals living in Boston. However, if you are traveling from a location that will require the use of buses, Amtrak, or the Commuter Rail, please contact us, and we can discuss the potential for reimbursement.

Will I be able to pick my own team?

Yes, we encourage students to form teams based on project interest. We will also offer a registration option for students who would prefer to be placed on a team. These teams will be designed by the Simmons SharkHack organizers.

I’d like to build a hardware hack. Will there be support for that?

We anticipate being able to provide Raspberry Pi kits and Arduino boards for interested teams. Additionally, if you would like to bring your own supplies for a hardware hack, we encourage you to do so!

I’m a recent graduate, but I’d rather be a mentor than participate — can I do that?

Definitely! We’re looking for enthusiastic mentors who can provide teams with advice, guidance, and technical expertise, regardless of age.

Are male mentors welcome at this event?

Yes, male mentors are welcome. Ideally, all mentors should be committed to supporting women in technology, and this is a great opportunity to do so.


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7:00 PM

Sign in / Meet & Greet / Dinner (SOM 5th Floor)

7:45 PM

Welcoming Ceremony/Mentor & Sponsor Introductions (SOM 5th Floor)

8:30 PM

Brainstorming Begins

9:00 PM

START HACKING (Palace Road Building)

10:00 PM

GitHub Workshop (30 min) (Palace Road Building)

11:00 PM

Kenzan Workshop (30-45 min) (Palace Road Building)

1:00 AM

Snack Time (Palace Road Building, SLIS 2nd Floor Lounge)

4:00 AM

Simmons Pokéstop Tour led by Shayla

8:00 AM

Breakfast (Palace Road Building)

12:30 PM

Lunch (Palace Road Building)

4:00 PM

Hacking Ends (Move to SOM)

4:40 PM

Prepare to Demo (Move to SOM)

5:00 PM

Shark Tank (Demos) and Dinner (SOM 5th Floor)

6:00 PM

Surprise Mystery Panel with Shayla (SOM 5th Floor)

6:30 PM

Prizes Awarded; Closing Ceremony (SOM 5th Floor)


Interested in being a mentor? We’d love to have you! Ideally, mentors should have a strong skillset in a tech-related domain, such as software engineering, web design/development, software engineering, app building, or hardware.

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